Frontex announces more control of migrant flows in Greece – Politics

ROME – Greek authorities should submit to more thorough checks on how they treat asylum seekers trying to reach Europe. These are the words of Jonas Grimheden, head of fundamental rights at Frontex, the European Border and Coast Guard Agency. In an interview for the Guardian, Grimheden commented on repeated accusations against Athens for the country’s illegal deportation of asylum seekers.

“For me, it is obvious that Greece is one of the countries that needs the highest level of surveillance,” explained the Frontex official. “I think what is missing from us is additional pressure to prevent these violations,” he added.

Although Grimheden did not share additional details, he suggests that Frontex “could be present in more places and involved in more activities” on Greece’s external border. “For countries that do not comply with EU law, it would make sense to have more Frontex checks rather than less,” he said.

While human rights groups, which have been exposing alleged abuses by Greek authorities for some time now, will likely welcome additional checks at the EU’s southeastern border, and Frontex itself has accused of complicity in human rights abuses.

Grimheden, a former professor of human rights, joined the Agency in June 2021 and this coincided with the launch of a campaign by a dozen NGOs to abolish Frontex. The reason for this was their assertion that the Agency was carrying out a border control policy detrimental to migrants. “Maybe it’s a logical reaction,” Grimheden said when asked about the campaign. “But I don’t think that’s a solution. On the contrary, I think Frontex is necessary.”