“Greece’s military spending is accelerating” — Greek City Times

Greece’s weapons program and supply of new defense equipment continues to bother Turkey and the pro-government media.

A report by the Haber Global network mentions the supply of Rafale fighter jets from France, as well as the recent agreement for the supply of powerful missiles for the three new Belharra frigates.

“Greece has recently given weight to its military spending and accelerated this sector,” commented the presenter of the news bulletin.

“Greece, which recently purchased Rafale fighter jets from France, continues to procure weapons,” she said.

“As part of this, it has signed two agreements for six different missiles with the European company MBDA. The first of the agreements includes weapon systems that will be used in the three frigates that have been ordered for the Greek fleet,” the presenter continued.

The report refers in particular to the capabilities of the weapons that will be carried by the three new frigates, such as the Aster missiles and the MBDA Exocet MM40 B3C missiles, the 76 mm gun, the MU 90 torpedoes and the Naval Group CANTO countermeasures, as well as RAM Missile System.

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