Greek Foreign Minister: We are doing everything to protect Odessa

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias visited the Ukrainian city of Odessa this week, promising that Greece and its government “will do everything possible to protect Odessa itself on the one hand, but also the elements of our own cultural presence…consequences of war. »

In his statement To reporters during his visit on Tuesday, the minister also said he had met with the city’s mayor, Gennadiy Trukhanov, and discussed their joint efforts to make the historic center of Odessa a UNESCO-protected cultural monument.

The minister said he would create “a cultural shield that will protect this historic center from the repercussions of war”, before going on to describe the city’s importance to Greece.

“It’s a center that is linked to Greece, mainly because that’s where the Greek revolution started. The building that started the Greek revolution is located here, it belongs to the Greek state,” Dendias said.

Dendias is set to sign an agreement with the Odessa State Archives, in which the Greek ministry will agree to jointly fund efforts to digitize the archives regarding the Greek presence in the city.