Oikonomou: Greece’s foreign policy is a policy of stability and principles

ATHENS – In addition to the sixth round of sanctions against Russia, the Special European Council has decided to give clear instructions to the European Commission to examine ways of decoupling the cost of electricity from that of natural gas, said the door- word of the government Yiannis Oikonomou in the press. Thursday briefing.

This included capping wholesale natural gas prices, an idea put forward by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis that now enjoys wider support, he added.

Regarding relations with Turkey, Oikonomou underlined that Greece’s foreign policy was coherent and principled, such as respect for international law, while it would not back down on issues concerning national sovereignty. and associated rights. He described Greece as a factor of stability and peace in the region, saying this was reflected in the support of its allies.

Regarding RepowerEU and the use of unspent funds from the Recovery and Resilience Facility to finance the green energy transition, he underlined that Greece will actively claim its fair share when the allocation process is finalized.

He also noted Greece’s support for the UN Secretary General’s efforts to set up a maritime corridor in the Black Sea for the export of some 20 million tonnes of grain currently trapped in Ukraine due to the Russian blockade.

The prime minister briefed his EU counterparts in the European Council on Turkey’s increased aggressiveness in recent weeks, Oikonomou added, and called for the issue to be discussed again at the regular June summit if Turkey persists in this behavior, so that a clear and explicit condemnation can be added to its findings.

“The last thing our sensitive region needs at a time when world peace and international stability are under threat are additional sources of tension,” the spokesperson said, adding that Greece will always respond to provocations from its members. neighbors with calm and confidence, because it has international law on its side, with its allies and an increasingly strong deterrent capacity in order to defend the sovereignty and sovereign rights of the country.

He noted statements made in favor of Greece, such as those made by French President Emmanuel Macron and Germany’s clear abandonment of an “equal distances policy” on Wednesday.

German Chancellor says attempts to challenge EU member states’ sovereignty are not acceptable, while all NATO allies must strive to be united at this time and refrain to provoke each other.

On high electricity prices, he said the numbers showed Athens remained at the lower end of the range and the government’s plan was working.